About Katena

Katena is a public B2B blockchain that uses no cryptocurrency and allows certification of data exchanges between companies.

Type of account

Katena offers only one type of account : the company account. In order to create an account you must have a SIRET number. Your company blockchain ID will be unique and created when your account is validated.

Email of confirmation

The authentification of your email address will be needed to create your account. Once the form of account creation will be filled and validated you will received an email with a confirmation link.

Terms of use

Our terms of use include conditions and restrictions of use of our platform. We strongly encourage you to read this document entirely. Please note that our service is limited or even inaccessible in some countries. You will find more informations about that in our terms of use.

Ordering process

Go to the page "Order", you can indicate how many transactions you need in the dedicated field. Once your order added to your cart you will be redirected to the payment process.

Terms of payment

The payment of the packs must be done by credit card on our platform. If you want to use another payment option please contact us.

Terms of transactions delivery on your account

Upon receipt of payment, transactions will be instantly credited on your account.

Account deletion

If you want to ask for your account to be deleted, please send an email from the email address linked to your account at support@transchain.fr Non-used transactions will be deleted and lost.

How to test the network ?

You can test functionalities of the network through the test network available at this address : https://api.demo.katena.transchain.io/api/v1

What is the difference between you and your competitors ?

We developed our own blockchain network, our solution is not dependent on technical changes on which we would not have sufficient control as is the case for our competitors.

What is your validation frequency ?

Our blockchain has a validation frequency of 1000 transactions per second.

Can you also develop private blockchains ?

We believe that a robust proof, a robust certification need a public implementation with an infrastructure shared between multiple actor in an agnostic way.

What kind of consensus are you using ?

We use PTFB (pratical byzantine fault tolerance) algorithm for consensus and not a POW (Proof of Work) algorithm as the Bitcoin network.

Is your blockchain based on existing solutions such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Hyperledger ?

We were inspired by multiple existing blockchains where we began. But for more than a year we are developing our own solution without any link to these solutions.

How can you validate data if you don't have any cryptocurrency on your network ?

Our nodes are maintained by actors and software developers that use our blockchain to deploy their applications. In counterpart, they can benefit of all the advantages of using our platform. In this win-win paradigm, no need to reward them with cryptocurrency.

How long does it take to implement your solution ?

We provide an API and a sdk to connect your application to our solution in a simple way. For further informations, please refer to this documentation : https://doc.katena.transchain.io